January 8, 2013

How To Ride The Bus

With the name of Biking Columbus, I'm surprised I haven't told you how to ride the bus yet.

  1. Use Google to find out some route options. Be sure to click the "Transit" direction to get the list.
  2. Pay your fare. I really like the two-trip tickets but check COTA's website for more about fare/pass information.
  3. I like sitting on the left side of the bus. Potholes seem to be more likely on the right side of the road than the left side. Be aware: even on the left side you won't be forget you're on a bumpy bus ride.
  4. Bring something to do. Remember that you're not driving so you can do whatever you want to.
  5. Pull the chord to indicate that you're getting off. A successful tug will result in a ring and a voice saying "Stop Requested"
I think the last step is the hardest. Sometimes it's hard to know how closely the stops are spaced and the voice announcing the next stops doesn't always announce all of the stops.

A map showing all the potential stops of #3. (Click here for Fusion Table)
I've been working on updating my unofficial COTA map. I've wanted to add filters so that it's easy to filter out a certain route. For the more adventurous, you can experiment with the above Fusion Table here

To filter out routes, click "Filter -> Routes" and choose a route number. The best notation is Numeric symbol + route number + colon. So if you wanted to see all the stops on Route 2 you would use #2: and get this:

The line displayed is the longest shape.
It's not much but if you're using an express route and have no idea where the stops are, this may help you when you're ready to get off the bus.

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