December 11, 2012

Louis Garneau Power Seal - Product Review

As a year round cyclist, I accumulate a lot of stuff. Particularly concerning was rain protection when I first made the transition from fair weather cyclist to extreme cyclist. One of the few products which I am actually dissatisfied with are the Louis Garneau Power Seal cover booties.

The shoes aren't obviously wet, but the socks look it.
Obviously, the main question about the effectiveness of rain-protection attire is: Does it keep you dry? I can say without a doubt, these booties have not kept me dry. The first time they failed me was at a Crew Game in 2010. They got wet early and I had wet feet the entire game.

At the recent Yay Bikes! December 2012 Year of Yay! Ride, I wanted to give them one more shot. The picture above is the result. Wet booties. Wet shoes. Wet Socks. Wet Feet. In many ways, I feel as though I would've have been drier without them as the booties prevent the shoes from drying.

In the future, I'm going to look into water proof shoes or perhaps a different booty but they're somewhat difficult to put on.

Cool video of Dutch people biking in the rain with high heels and everything:

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