December 12, 2012

Cool Additions to Bike Shelters

Location of Columbus Bike Shelters. Source: City of Columbus

The City of Columbus has installed or is in the process of installing 19 bike shelters around Columbus. I was initially non-plussed with them but there have been a couple of upgrades that has shed new light on them.

Columbus Metro Bike Users Map
10-minute trip radius by bike. Up is north.

Cyclist safety
Another 10-minute map. Up is south
The neighborhood name is awesome even though "Franklinton" is poorly framed in each picture. The only thing I find odd about these graphics is the last picture where South is up. I think to someone who doesn't know Columbus, this might be helpful but for a native Columbusite, it's confusing at first. I would recommend highlighting the compass.

Enough with the maps, though! The coolest part are the bike maintenance stands!

You can position your bike on the two arms at the top of the stand.

Another picture of tools
Woah! Those are slick. Bike pump, tools, and stand? Biking Columbus approves.


  1. The upside down map is weird. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the overly simplistic circle to try to approximate a 10-minute ride. The actual travel distance to any given point is dependent on the available bikeway/street network. Also, how fast are they assuming people can ride?

    1. It would be interesting to see a map which uses the network rather than a generic circle.

      I measured the circle in Google and the radius was 1.7 miles. That works out to being 10 MPH which is doable for most of the population (I think).

    2. Agree, 10 mph is a reasonably slow speed achievable by most people.


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