December 6, 2012

Columbus 2012 Derecho

This summer Columbus endured a pretty heavy derecho on June 29, 2012. What's a derecho? According to Wikipedia, it's a straight-line windstorm. The graphic on the page looks like the heavens vomiting on us mortals:

File:Derecho development.png
Source: Wikipedia
What does this have to do with biking? I was biking as it hit Columbus!!!!

Source: Wikipedia
I tried to haphazardly take pictures of the event but my camera was el deado. But needless to say, it looked like this:

Scene from James and the Giant Peach. Or the derecho.

It's largely a boring story because I arrived home in one piece, but I did try to seek shelter at a strangers but she took one look at me and told me that she already has a full house. I almost stopped at the library nearby but due to it being dark, I thought they might be closed. I later determined that they had a power outage. Other than that, I only remember eating dust. What a day.

The next day, Yay Bikes! led the Yelp on Two Wheels: A Food Truck Rally and with a recharged camera I took some shots of the aftermath. 

Bikers biking bikes through tree destruction.
Clintonville was hit pretty bad.
Motorists packed in a gas station.
Cyclists getting free ice cream bars due to electrical outages. Much more relaxing than the gas station.
NSFW video of the day - Tornado Song:

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