December 10, 2012

2012 December Year of Yay! Recap

Dreary Day - Source: Weather Underground

On December 8, 2012, Yay Bikes! set out on the last Year of Yay! ride of 2012. While we all secretly wished for a sunny day, the rain, rain did not go away. But that didn't deter the ~30 people or so from joining us!

We meander, rain or shine!

The first stop was unplanned but necessary. At many of the bike shelters around Columbus, there are maintenance stands with tools and a tire pump to do basic repairs on your bike.

Overlook the pressure of your tires? No problem at the maintenance stand!
After some quick tune-ups, we cycled up High Street and turned left on Lane Avenue to go to the Trek store. Lane Avenue is like nothing when you have a whole brigade of bikes!

A brigade of cyclists. 

Time to buy supplies!
From Trek we headed for Stauf's for a coffee pick-me up and lunch. The atmosphere was great and some people warmed up with soup!

A cluster of bikes. 
#16! Yes, he really wanted his soup.
With our bellies full, we traveled onward and detoured to see some of the new bicycle facilities installed on Urlin Avenue and Watermark Drive near Dublin Road. There were mixed reactions to the bicycle facilities but they did not hinder our progree.

New bicycle facilities on Urlin Avenue.

En route to Pistacia Vera, we dropped by COSI to found out how much 30+ cyclists weigh. The answer? 4880 pounds.


And as expected, Pistacia Vera was the cherry on top at the end of our ride. And no, we did not see how much we weighed after dessert.

Finally, I want to throw out some recognition to our regular riders. In addition to some Yay Bikes! board members, a big shout out goes to Roger and John for attending each 2012 Year of Yay! event. Congratulations!


[Editor's note: Bill Ferriot took all but one photo. You can see the complete set on Facebook here. Ray George took additional photographs which you can find here.]

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