December 4, 2012

2008 - 2010 Franklin County Bicycle Statistics

MORPC compiles a lot of regional data and one data-set is crashes. I requested access to the most recent data between 2008-2010 for Franklin County. Here is an overview of where all crashes occurred in the time frame:

As would be assumed, the gridded area of Columbus graphically looks the worst, but this picture says nothing of the severity or frequency of crashes at any particular section. Since this is a bike blog, I decided to do additional analysis on bike related crashes. 

Overall, there has been a slight increase of crashes within Franklin County. There has been a slight decrease in incapacitating or fatal crashes involving bicycles:

Inline image 1

Note that these are only three data points so it's difficult to weigh in on the statistical significance of the numbers. Similarly, we don't know the rate of crashes per bicycle rider or per # of bicycle trips. Using the American Community Survey 1-year results we can get some prospective for Franklin County:

Inline image 3

I've made maps for each year. They're coded based on severity and specifically:
  • Purple = PDO/No Injury
  • Blue = Possible
  • Green = Non-Incapacitating
  • Large Yellow = Incapacitating
  • Large Red = Fatal
Below are the maps:

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

There are risks with everything we do and this information is not intended to scare people. Just be careful and keep on trucking biking.

Safety video of the day:

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