October 10, 2012

Sullivant Avenue Public Comments

[Editor's note: This is a letter I sent to the City of Columbus regarding the Sullivant Avenue corridor improvements. You can find the proposal from the city here.

October 4, 2012

City of Columbus
Division of Mobility Options

Re:      Sullivant Avenue Bikeway Treatments

To whom this may concern:

I attended the September 25, 2012, public meeting concerning the Sullivant Avenue Bikeway treatments and I have various comments and questions about the project. I make these comments as both a bike advocate but also as someone who commutes daily from Mound St. and Chestershire Rd. to downtown in a route which is predominately parallel to Sullivant Avenue.

·         Signage at narrow roads – The road is narrow at two spots along the corridor:
o   Old Sullivant Ave. between Camp Chase Railroad and Georgesville Rd.: This is a two-lane road where there is not enough room for motorists to share the lane without passing too close to a cyclist or crossing the median. In addition to the proposed sharrows, Bikes MAY USE FULL LANE Signs (Section 9B.06 Ohio MUTCD) are requested.
o   Sullivant Avenue between S. Yale Avenue and S. Green St.: This is a two-lane road with unrestricted parking on both sides of the road. Again, in addition to the proposed sharrows, Bikes MAY USE FULL LANE Signs (Section 9B.06 Ohio MUTCD) are requested.
·         Road diet length – The CBBP Section 5.16 recommended that Sullivant Avenue undergo a road diet between Demorest Road and Midland Avenue. The proposal does not include the area between Demorest Road and Hague Avenue which is about one (1) mile. I believe that it would be beneficial for road safety. Was Sullivant Ave. between Demorest and Hague investigated for a road diet? Please elaborate on the answer.
·         Using Ohio MRDD as alternate route – The CBBP proposed using the property owned by Ohio MRDD. There are no public east-west roads which cross I-70 without involving an interchange. Has the City attempted to request permission for cyclists to use Ohio MRDD property as a part of the bike route?

·     Scioto Trail Access – The proposal includes access to the Scioto Trail by providing a shared-use path along Dodge Park. I have inferred that cyclists will use Scioto Boulevard to access the trail. Pictured on the left is a bicycle stairway. Steepness to multi-use paths has been noted as an issue in other projects. Has a bicycle stairway been investigated as an alternative to accessing the trail?

If you have any questions, please contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or e-mail at XXX. Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.


  1. The problem with Columbus' treatment of Sullivant is that it's one used for quiet side streets and Sullivant is not a quiet side street. The easternmost stretch of Sullivant is the most troubling since it will only consist of two 11' lanes with no parking,turning or passing lane. Sharrows are not going to make drivers going over 35MPH more likely to safely pass bicyclists on a narrow two lane road. I feel sorry for the people who will have that as day-to-day experience for what passes as a bicycle facility. Since the city isn't willing to do a decent treatment for cycling on Sullivant they should just focus on a bike-boulevard alternative. Between much of the proposed Sullivant Ave and a 50 MPH suburban arterial road with two lanes for passing vehicles, I would choose the latter having ridden those myself.

    1. I am not sure that the eastermost stretch of Sullivant is that troubling. While it's relatively narrow when it's only two-lanes, it's also at the end of the roadshed in the sense that Sullivant dead-ends into Gift Street. Gift Street is one-way.

      If you mean the western most stretch, then I may tend to agree with you. I am surprised that the scope stretches as far west as it does because in 2-3 years, the Camp Chase trail would be a much better alternative through that part of the area.

      I think you're narrowly focusing on a very small portion of the corridor. Could there be improvements on the plans? Of course. However, my understanding is that they were accepting comments on the "Sullivant Avenue Corridor" which is why I focuses on what was proposed in the bike plan as well as what the City proposed.


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