August 6, 2012

On-Street Parking on High Street Public Presentation

The City of Columbus has information up about the public meeting which happened on August 2, 2012. The thing of most interest to a cyclist is the proposed High Street Bike Treatment.

One thing I did not realize about High Street is that its width varies. Starting at Rich, High Street is 54' wide. At its widest near between State and Broad, High Street is 60' wide. To accommodate the variation, the planners have proposed a shared parking/transit/bike sharrow lane which varies from 12' to 14'.

I am against this recommendation for bike facilities on High Street. The sharrow, which is recommended to be painted 11' to 12' away when on-street parking is provided, would place the marking on dashed white line. If instead the sharrow is painted close to where cars park, let's say centered at 9.5', this would place a biker in the door zone if he/she were using the sharrow as a guide to where to bike.

Additionally,  during the restricted hours between 7:00 - 9:00 AM and 4:00 - 6:00 PM, I don't think there is enough room for cyclists to pass buses (and vice versa) in the right most lane. This matters because High Street is most congested with buses during these peak hours.

Because I have faith in my fellow cyclists to ride safe, I believe most cyclists would end up riding on the dashed line or maybe a foot or two into the travelling lane. Therefore, it would be best to place the sharrows where it is safer, which would be the travelling lane. The only concern I have is that cyclists would be passed on the right but that might not be true with all the parking that'll be happening...


  1. I agree. Those sharrows are not placed appropriately. They should be centered four feet from the edge of the parking lane. So, about 12 feet off the curb, which doesn't really work with teh width of the travel lane.

    1. I think that cities often have pressure to always have bike facilities present when there are no good options. In fact, some one at the meeting dissed Chicago for placing a bike lane in the door zone. Obviously, the person overlooked the east-bound Broad Street bike lanes in the Hilltop. Keep it local.


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