August 27, 2012

More September 2012 COTA Changes

In addition to the new late night casino route called the Night Owl, COTA has made a few other changes.

The #26 Beechwold Express Route is no more. Launched in January 2012, it lasted 8 months before being eliminated. First, the planning of the #26 did not appear to fill much of a problem. The #34 is a similar express route but uses I-71. The #4 follows the same route as #26 but has more intermediate routes. Here's a picture of the routes:

The blue is route #4. Starting at Morse Road at the red dot, the #4 takes on a purple tone because the #26 follows the same route. The red line is the #34. Someone on Columbus Underground suggested that the #34 be extended ~500 ft along Morse Road to pick up the new riders and then return to I-71 at Cooke Road. Makes sense to me.

The second problem was that any route should have longer than 8 months to prove if its successful or not. It takes time to grow ridership and if planners are unwilling to promote a route for more than two years, they probably should look to other service improvements.

Another program which I am a fan of is the bus stop improvement which reduces the amount of bus stops. The following will be investigated during September 2012 for stop improvements:

  • #1 Cleveland/Livingston
  • #29 Polaris
  • #35 Tamarack
  • #40 New Albany
  • #74 Linden LINK
The slide show also discusses the #1 Northeast Corridor Bus Rapid Transit project, but I'll save NEC BRT for another post.

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