August 8, 2012

Guest Post - Bike, Build, Bike Repeat

Editor's Note: This is a post from my girlfriend.  She started her own blog about animals and her time in vet school, you can visit it at:

Around July 4th, Yay Bikes! hosted a Bike & Build group.  What's Bike & Build?  It's a group of young adults who bike across the United States and stop at various locations to build houses in neighborhoods that need it.  These people are working to help create affordable housing and had to raise $4,500 each to go on this journey.

As a Yay Bikes! member, I was able to eat dinner with these amazing people and I was struck by how outgoing they all are.  It was also clear from talking to them how much they care about community and affordable housing.  This wasn't just a fun trip, this was work that meant something to them.

There are many Bike & Build groups, on different routes through the US.  This one was traveling from Providence, RI to Seattle, WA.  Right now their trip is getting close to the end.  The group has support vans to carry their gear or transport them if they get injured, but these people are basically riding 50-80 miles a day, going to a host location (church, school, community group), then getting up and biking again.  They do this until they reach their destination, where they get a day off from biking, but instead they are doing the hard work of building houses.

I asked the people what surprised them so far about their journey when they were in Columbus.  Two things came up - how quickly all of them became friends and how hilly Providence is.   When I visited Providence, I thought the same thing.  And the whole group did seem like they were buddies from long ago, most of them had only met 2 weeks prior.

Yay Bikes! was able to provide the Bike & Build people with dinner, a place to stay and breakfast the next morning.  Every day someone from their group writes a blog post and they wrote about their visit here (we were day 18!).

One of the things many of the Bike & Build people said about Columbus was how bike friendly it is.  I know, you can't believe that, but it's true.  Columbus is a bike friendly place.  There's always room for improvement, but I'm happy that a group biking across the US, seeing all kinds of biking conditions, was able to make that comment about our city.


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