August 29, 2012

Columbus andthe 5th Avenue Dam

Source: Stantec Summary

Some of you riding the Olentangy Multi-Use Trail Have likely been wondering what all the orange construction mesh is. The City of Columbus is preparing to remove the 5th Avenue low head dam! This is good news to bikers everywhere.

Why is it good news? It should mean that the bike path should be flooded less often. At the very least it will provide bikers a change of scenery which is always nice.

There are two oddities which arose from the work. The first is just some guy waking in the middle of the river with his construction machine:

The second, which I'm unsure is related to the dam removal, is a barge that's in the middle of the Scioto near Genoa Park:

Finally, I'll leave you with my "artistic" shot of downtown Columbus with flags half mast and a helluva wind from the north:

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