July 18, 2012

Water Balloons

Last night while commuting home, a water balloon was tossed out a moving car at my head. Thankfully, it missed.

That near miss made me realize how close I was to dying of drowning and that my last post ever would've been about COTA. Mea culpa, indeed.

People, I'm back. Let's talk more about bikes.

Oh, and one more note. As I was making a turn to go by West High School, I noticed these two teenagers leaving a car. One of them had a water balloon in his hand and they were mouthing silently to each other about something. I was certain I had found the culprits who tried to balloon me. I said nothing. Would you have?

Cool link of the day: Comes back tomorrow!


  1. This is why concealed carry is legal in Ohio.

    1. People think that bikers are just hippies. Little do they know...

  2. What assholes. Oh well, I'm gonna wager a guess that things won't turn out so well in life for them.


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