June 22, 2012

LeBron James and Ohio

Being a Columbusite, I get my pro sports fix vicariously through Cleveland and Cincinnati. I've been smitten with the Cavs since playing an NBA game on Sega Genesis and making 3-pointer after 3-pointer with Mark Price.

Many of you may be aware of player named LeBron James. You know, "Witness" and all that? Well, he's the best player of this generation and he used to play for Cleveland. At the end of the 2010 Season, he decided to take his talents to the South Beach and play for Miami. Last night, he won his first NBA title.

To be honest, I'm kind of happy for LeBron. I was dismayed with how he left Cleveland, but I like Ohioans to succeed. So congratulations LeBron and Miami, it's just too bad you couldn't have done it for Cleveland.

Cool LeBron beating the Magic in bygone days:


  1. As a Clevelander, I wish LeBron could have won his title with the Cavs, but I am happy for him as well.

    Now if Mark Price had won a title, that would have been great.

  2. I'm happy that he won (I gueeeeeeess), but I'm still convinced he's reading Hop On Pop with the Hunger Games jacket over the cover.


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