June 19, 2012

How you know you have awesome transit?

It's always difficult to know if a city has great transit. While I often defend COTA, I assume that they would not be offended when I say that they are not great transit. The downtown-based strategy is good at getting people places but poor at getting people places in a timely manner. I'll shout and yell that COTA can get you just about anywhere within the Outerbelt but I'll be the first to concede that you better bring a book with you. Thankfully, there's a new way to determine how awesome your transit system is.

Aluminum Bottle of DC Transit - Liberty Bottle
A company called Liberty Bottleworks makes a variety of aluminum bottles including bottles with various transit maps printed. Above is a picture of the D.C. Metro system. You may remember this tattoo:

https://twitter.com/#!/tazzmaina012 (h/t Unsuck DC Metro 
The list of lucky cities who have water bottles available:
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Portland
  • DC
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • New Orleans
  • Los Angeles
  • Austin
Most of these are obvious but I was a little surprised about Austin and New Orleans. Austin has a grid transit system:

Austin Transit Bottle

And New Orleans has a a single line:

New Orleans Transit Bottle
The bottles are only $18-$20 for 24/32 ounce sizes. That's not a bad deal. COTA, let's make a better looking map and then we'll work on the bottles.

Cool condom bagpipe link of the day:

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