June 8, 2012

Fuzzy Pictures

What's the picture above? A poor one. It states

"Warning. Be Safe. Wear a Helmet. Obey Traffic Laws. Do Not Bike At Night."
This was on a ~12 year old's bike that I put away at the bike corral at the Columbus Arts Festival. It's a surprising warning and I was somewhat offended by it. People can bike at night or during the day and be safe.

The above had some interesting stickers. Let me see if I can enhance the upper left window sticker.

Still fuzzy, let's see if I can enhance again.

Woah! Woah! Woah! What did it say in full?
"Sending your child to public school is child abuse"
 The day I saw that sticker was the first day that I realized I was abused as a child.

This shot taken while riding was supposed to show you a guy in the boat. Enhance!

In the forefront of the picture you may notice my awesome sleeve. In the background there's a guy in a boat. You're welcome!

This is just a cute picture of my cat, Bake. It somehow turned out nicely.

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