June 5, 2012

From around the web - Law Abiding Cyclists

I intend on posting more stories from around the web and the first installment comes from The Atlantic Cities regarding the cycling lawlessness in NYC moving towards an end. There can only be so many hipsters running red lights before a Critical Mass is reached and something has to be done to ensure the safety of everyone. And when ticketing cyclists of infractions, it would also be time to ticket motorists.

The Atlantic Cities - The Rise of the Citizen Cyclist

"Next month, New York City will start rolling out a bike share program that will eventually add 10,000 bikes to the city’s streets. The time may finally have come to get over the idea that biking in New York is for outlaws and renegades.
That goes for the police. And it goes for bikers, too.
The Wild West days are over. A bicyclist in New York will be, and should be, increasingly a domestic creature.

I’ve heard a lot of cyclists complaining about being tamed. They don’t like the fact that the new protected bike lanes make you ride more slowly. It used to be so much more exhilarating to pedal up First Avenue with a flock of cabs swooping and honking around you."
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