June 15, 2012

Dick and Jane Project

The Dick and Jane Project

As any aspiring musician knows, making lyrics is one of the hardest parts of song-writing. It may sound heretical to suggest that middle school students would be up to the challenge of writing lyrics for some of Columbus's best bands, but that's exactly what the Dick and Jane Project sets out to do.

The Dick and Jane Project is a non-profit organization that has produced over 20 songs with the help of local artists and young minds. The organization characterizes the the process as taking 5-steps:

  1. Inspire - The students meet with artists and hear some samples.
  2. Create - Weekly meetings between the artists and the students are held to build a song.
  3. Refine - A demo is made and shared with the students who in turn make suggestions to further refine.
  4. Play - The music is shared via iTunes, CD, and radio (!). 
  5. Impact - How cool would it be for you or your friend to have a song on the radio and you're only 11? It's a lofty accomplishment and something to be proud of.
I'm just summarizing the summary on their web-site, so I suggest checking it out because I think it's a great project.

As for the radio, my friend Andy Gallagher hosts a 5-minute song of the week on 90.5 WCBE every Friday at 11:55 AM. Each episode has a brief interview with the student responsible for the lyrics and then the song starts. 

So, listen today at 11:55 AM and look into supporting this cause!

Cool Dick and Jane Project Song - A Train Ride to the Zoo by Senuru Dikkumbura, lyricist, and Trains Across the Sea, band:

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