June 26, 2012

COTA going on strike

On July 2 at 3:00 AM, the union of COTA is set to strike. Before I commentate on it I want to share a story.

While I normally forego summer busing because I dance to my own beat, this Saturday I went home from ComFest via bus. It was a strange event because I went to the #3 pickup location at the designated time and was picked up by a bus that was going to "Broad and High." No number.

He confirmed that he was the #3 helping bus and that he turned around at High and Broad. He assured me that I could transfer to the actual #3 but my girlfriend and I opted not to try and instead went with the #6. Because we were the only two people on the special #3, I decided to strike up a conversation with the bus driver.

"How you feeling about the bus strike?" I masterfully asked.

"You know I can't comment on that!" he coyfully responded.

Yet another example of journalist fail. For those wondering about the service of COTA on a big event like Comfest, we didn't depart Broad and High until 10:30 PM. The bus was supposed to leave at 10:00.

Regardless, I really hope that the union and management can come to an agreement before a strike happens. COTA just has too much momentum to deal with a strike right now.

Cool someone beats Mario 64 in 5 minutes:

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