June 4, 2012

The Columbus Arts Festival And Pedaling Instead

This past weekend was the Columbus Arts Festival and boy was it busy.

The above is a picture of the bike corral from Pedal Instead. It's amazing what good weather can do for the amount of bikers that you get. On the shift that I volunteered Friday, we had about 20 people park their bikes in the 4 hours I was there. On Saturday, it was a steady stream of bikes. Here's what Andrew, one of the main organizers of Pedal Instead, said about the numbers:
"Last year, as was typical of all the years we've partnered with GCAC to provide valet service we parked around 277. This year we went over 700. 400 and change alone on Saturday and over 300 [on Sunday]."
The final count was 806 bikes parked in an area that could have parked maybe 10 cars. At the peak on Saturday there were likely over 100 bikes in the corral.

A woman who owned the bike above told me I should take a picture of it. If you enlarge the picture you will notice that the color is actually from paint brush strokes. It was the Columbus Arts Festival, after all.

One last note about Pedal Instead. There are two events this Saturday (June 9) that you could volunteer for. The first is the Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents the Megacity Music Marathon. As you may have guessed from the PBR, it is not an endurance run. Instead, it's 33 bands playing between 12PM - 2AM at Woodland's Tavern.

The second event is the Naked Bike Ride which has volunteer spots between 5PM-4AM.

What Pedal Instead would look like on a beach:

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