June 13, 2012

Ask a Bike #3: Harrisburg Pike to Finland Middle School

Southwest Columbus (technically most of it is unincorporated townships) does not have a lot of bicycle infrastructure yet. For instance, if I wanted to get from Briggs High School to Finland Middle school, I would be unable to use a single piece of bicycle infrastructure. While driving, it would be easy. Take Harrisburg to Frank to Finland.

Harrisburg Pike is only two-lanes. I prefer to avoid two-lane roads because cars don't have as ample room to pass. Frank Road has 4 lanes but it can be intimidating to take a left turn and it's about a mile from it being   a limited access freeway (cars may be going faster because they're still in freeway mode).

The above are two suggested routes by Google for biking. It's still not that awesome because the first example has you taking a left onto Frank and that's what we were avoiding. The second example has you on a residential street taking rights on Brown and Finland. This is a little better but Brown Road is also a two-lane road. Is there something better?

I know it looks like I just drew random lines but there are pedestrian routes! Here's the satellite view:

The best part is that each of these routes is shorter than the suggested routes because there's less back tracking. Remember, if your destination is a post-war developed school, look to see if there are any pedestrian routes available to use.

Cool song of the day - Flagpole Sitta


  1. I attended Finland Middle and I can tell you there is no reason you would want to go there via any mode of transportation. So this is as improbable example.

    1. Thank goodness I didn't give directions from Franklin Heights to Finland Middle. Your head may have exploded.

  2. Report an error to Google and they'll update their maps.


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