June 12, 2012

2012 Columbus World Naked Bike Ride

On Saturday June 9, 2012, the World Naked Bike Ride graced the streets of Columbus, OH. The ride consists of hundreds of cyclists riding mostly naked. Many of the women had the opportunity to don some paint  up top while some of the men had thongs on.

I caught a photograph of everyone so please enjoy:

Oh drats! It's blurry. Maybe next year.

As for numbers, I have heard that 300 people rode in the 2011 event and that 600 people rode in the 2012 event. According to a Facebook post, it appears the route was 7.5 miles long and went this way:

Made by Killian
In 2013, you probably won't see Biking Columbus riding in the event, but I'm sure that won't stop you from attending next year.

Cool food porn video of the day (f bombs are bleeped so slightly NSFW):


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