May 25, 2012

Truck Nuts

What is the deal with truck nuts? You know, the "nuts" that hang behind trucks/jeeps/various cars to show off... something?

These pictures were taken of a jeep. Maybe I'm getting too old, but these nuts just have a bit of nastiness to them. They flap in the wind so they're always moving about. I'd watch porn if I wanted to see that.

I guess I would understand if truckers and other motorists placed these on their vehicles in honor of naked bike ride. But as an everyday thing, what's the draw?

This cyclist doesn't understand what's up with other cyclists:


  1. I have never seen these before. Do they have any purpose (maybe a boat hitch) other than looking like balls?

    1. I believe their only purpose is to look like balls. Obviously, Chicago/Evanston must be too haute couture for truck nuts.


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