May 17, 2012

Honey or Vinegar For Bus Advocacy

In an earlier post, I discussed how positive feedback could help local transit agencies such as sending an e-mail in support of a heavily debated decision. While looking through the corresponding Human Transit post that I referenced, I noticed a very interesting blog reference within the comments. It was: Unsuck DC Metro.

As the name implies, they are the exact opposite of positive feedback. Here is a sampling of their recent blog post titles:
Obviously, most of these are negative. The only one I could tell that was not negative was about the Tat:!/tazzmaina012 (h/t Unsuck DC Metro)
Obviously, that's a pretty cool tat. For those of you unaware, this is the DC Metro map:

Source: Metro
Back to the idea of shaming a transit agency into change. I wonder how well it works. I would think that a blend of honey and vinegar would work best. Instead of focusing on the 1% to 10% of bad stuff, mix in the remaining stuff that works. Or if you're disappointed by peak service, actively support larger peak fare increases. Or actively support the development of a frequency map of the bus routes along with stop reduction, if necessary. This would make people realize that they don't have to walk an extra block to the "terrible" Metro. Instead they could take the bus.

Maybe Unsuck DC Metro does actively support other ideas. But when none of the first 10 posts I see are positive I tend to infer that the site is focused on complaining rather than improving.

Dramatic video of person pouring out cough medicine before showing how awesome honey and vinegar are (somewhat funny and the person doesn't say a word):

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