May 30, 2012

Bonus Post: Rich Street Bridge Update

I missed a post on Monday so this serves as a catch-up post. The Rich Street Bridge looks to have it's finishing touches being put on it now.

All of the bricks are laid out on the Civic Center Drive portion.

The path to bicentennial park is one fence-takedown away from being accessible.

More proof that the brick work is done on the Civic Center Drive portion.

But since this is a bike blog, let's talk about bike infrastructure. The Scioto Trail goes along both banks downtown and they are almost done. Here's a Google Map picture:

The red lines are what needs to be completed on the trail and the black line over the river is the new Rich Street Bridge.

Click on the picture to enlarge. Where the yellow construction machine is on the left is where one portion of the path ends. There are orange construction barrels under the bridge which is where that portion of the path ends. Regardless, it's exciting to see construction of the bridge and the path nearing completion.

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