May 16, 2012

Biking in the Fog

Yesterday was hella foggy. It was so foggy it felt like a light mist which required me to wipe my glasses off when stopped to improve visibility. In the picture up top, you can only see the train tracks in the distance. My home in the Hilltop was completely covered.

It was more scary than I would have thought. One person gave me a good honk and I don't know if they did so because they were scared and couldn't see me very well or if they were just a grade A smelly-face. I believe it was the latter because it wasn't THAT foggy.

The second out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened is that I became so anxious thinking about turning left onto Civic Center Drive from Main Street that I took the bike path on the Main Street bridge. Not a big deal, but different. But that's how I got some of these pictures.

This is a view looking north from Bicentennial Park. What's interesting to me is that the area on the left is directly over the river which is where it is especially foggy. Also, the metal circular objects are fountains which kids totally love.

This is a little farther north. Directly in the middle is one of the new Broad Street Spires. The large building behind it is the Columbus Police Department Headquarters.

Here you have a bird messing up my picture. Other things to note is COSI is hidden by trees, the North Bank Condos hidden by fog, and the Broad Street Spire completely hidden by trees.

Cool I-loved-Salad-Fingers in college video of the day:

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