May 18, 2012

Bikers Spotted

It's spring now and I am starting to see a lot of bikers around town now. 

This picture was taken on Wednesday May 16. I saw all of these bikers loitering near the bike path when I realized that they were going to ride in the Ride of Silence.

Zooming in you can see that the leader is riding a tandem on his own. Before I realized that it was for the Ride of Silence I was going to make a comment about biking alone on a tandem is a lonely sight. I also heard that some person riding a tandem had a cool prop in the rear seat. I'll assume that it was this guy.

This other guy was on Lane Avenue heading west. No big deal (NBD).

This is a rare shot of three single-speed bikers stopping at a light. The leader has a messenger bag on. That's how he became the leader.

Finally, and I could barely get a picture of him, here is a picture of a dude on his pedicab en route to Value City Arena:

The circus is in town, doncha know?

Cutest cat ever:

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