May 23, 2012

Bike to the Garden Event and Yay Bikes! news

Yay Bikes!

This past Sunday I became a board member of Yay Bikes! Everyone there is great and they really are into getting you out to ride and riding a bike is one of the easiest steps of being a bike advocate. I'll try not to plug too much for Yay Bikes!, but I do want to point out that being a member ($25) comes with some good benefits. A monthly Year of Yay! ride which starts at Goodale Park and takes you around a small part of the city. Plus you get a pin for each Year of Yay! ride you participate in! There are also other goodies such as a members appreciation which includes the showing of a movie and swag.

May 27th Food Truck and Cart Hop

One more shout out today goes to the Food Truck and Cart Hop on this Sunday at Hal & Al's on Parsons. Food trucks are good and this will be as good an event as any to test it out. Some people are inevitably going to bike so afterwards you can head north to the Columbus Commons to see Shadowbox Live: Back to the Garden Performance. It'll be a peaceful performance that's free, but that shouldn't stop you from providing donations.

Plan on spending your memorial weekend on a bike!

Cool I don't believe that this Super Mario Brothers speed run is real:

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