May 4, 2012

Best of Biking Columbus

On television shows, producers occasionally have a "clip" episode which consists of just flashbacks. Normally they do it for budgetary reasons. Today, I do to conserve my energy.

Here are some of posts which I am proud of:

  • How I Started Biking - This was my first post and gives the background on how I became a regular biker.
  • Bike Ride Lengths - The post title says it all but I read a research paper on bike ride lengths in a city in Canada. The meat of it is that the average ride was 2.3 miles.
  • Do what you can - Everyone has different comfort zones so while riding 6 miles one-way works for me, it might not work for someone else. 
  • Columbus Bike Detection System - It can be frustrating when  you stop at a light but the light doesn't know you're there. In this post I tell you what you can do.
  • Bike lanes and downtown - How does Columbus fit in? - I explored how our downtown compares to other cities' downtown with respect to bike lanes.
  • New Unofficial COTA Map - I really like maps and I decided to make an interactive map of COTA.
Also, if you're looking for a different perspective, I suggest looking through my girlfriend's posts.

Finally, I will be at the North Market on Saturday volunteering for Pedal Instead. This is parking for the Market to Market event which is a ride from Hills Market or the North Market to the other one. Sign up today to volunteer or do the bike ride. The registration for breakfast is only available at the Hills Market for now ($15) as the North Market sold out.

Cool Beer Cannon montage link of the day:

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