April 23, 2012

Pittsburgh Trip - Day 2

A few weeks ago, I went to Pittsburgh to see what the tributaries to the Ohio River were like. After the first day of my Pittsburgh Trip, I went to Mount Washington, a neighborhood on the top of Mount Washington. To get there, you have to take a road which switch backs up the hill or you can take an incline. In my case, my girlfriend and I took the Monongahela Incline because we're big on public transportation.
Monongahela Incline
The Monongahela Incline (Source: Port Authority of Allegheny)
View of the point from the top of the Duquesne Incline
The Duquense Incline (Source: Port Authority of Allegheny)
They're pretty cool to ride up and it sure beats hiking up! The interesting thing is that the main roadway to get to the top appeared to be out of service due to rockslides. When I was there, it appeared that they were finishing up work on the retaining wall but it was still closed to traffic due to lots of soils/sediment/rocks being on the road. 

Looking at the picture above, you might be able to notice an ominous, castle-like skyscraper towards the right. I'll circle it in color so you can see it:

Thankfully, someone on Wikipedia loaded a nice, upclose picture of the PPG complex:

PPG Place shot with Mount Washington in the background (Source: Derek Jensen on Wikipedia)
What is really neat is that there is a mostly pedestrian area nearby here. You can see it in the foreground in the bottom right of the picture. Here's an overhead shot of the square:

We passed through the area on the way to a showing of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Byham Theater. The show was pretty good and my favorite part was when the actors on-stage froze to ape famous paintings, like The Last Supper:

File:Juan de Juanes 003.jpg
The Last Supper
Speaking of last supper, prior to the movie we went to a pizza place called Pizza Milano. It was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone going there. The baked pasta pizza was great and they had a medium thick crust which I absolutely enjoyed. Normally I eat crust in order to clean my plate but I actually liked their crust.

The last thing I want to talk about was a restaurant called Olive or Twist. We arrived there at 6:30 on a Thursday and ordered classic martinis. When I get a bill, I find out that they were $12 or $13 each. This reminded me about how important it is to ask for prices. The old saying "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it" is way to 2000s. It's time to move on to the 2010s already.

Cool Jimmy Fallon singing "Fresh Prince Theme Song":

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