April 18, 2012

Pedal Instead

Hopefully you were able to volunteer last weekend. The above picture is of my and my girlfriend's bikes at the Franklinton Gardens. This picture was taken during a small break from digging holes and filling the holes back up. I was sore the next morning but that's ok.

Speaking of volunteering, maybe at Comfest last year or an OSU football game you noticed people parking bicycles. People would take their bicycles to the volunteers, the volunteers would give them a slip, and then the volunteers would take the bicycle and store it in a bike corral.

Source: Pedal Instead
This valet bike parking is put on by Pedal Instead, a collaboration between Yay Bikes! and the University Area Enrichment Association. Parking can be an ordeal whether you're biking or driving, but when biking you have to be aware that your bike could be stolen.  That's why this is very important work in getting people out biking to big events. 

Yours truly volunteered at Comfest last year and I can say two things. It's tiring work but you certainly have a sense of accomplishment. Transportation mode is so often overlooked and you, yes YOU prospective volunteer, have the chance to help people get to where they're going without burning gasoline. That's a pretty big deal.

Here are some of the upcoming events that you can help:

Yeah, they'll be at a naked bike ride.

Cool sacrificing one car parking space for 10 bike parking spots:

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