April 3, 2012

Injured Bicyclists in Columbus news

The Dispatch has cranked out another article about cyclist, motorist interactions. In this case, they tell the tale of Salas Sanchez-Bennasar:
"So when she was cautioned while borrowing a bike for a trip from her temporary Clintonville home to the Ohio State University campus and back, she listened to the advice but doubted that she had much to worry about.
'I ride my bicycle in Brooklyn all the time,' she said. 'I should have no problem here.'
Witnesses say that what happened shortly after midnight on Feb. 18 was not the fault of Sanchez-Bennasar, 32, a New York doctoral student of philosophy who was in Columbus for several weeks to work on her dissertation. She was hit from behind by an SUV or pickup truck whose driver kept going. She was left with a broken hip and shattered facial bones."
First, I highly recommend reading the entire article. It's relatively balanced in spite of the misleading beginning of "DON'T BIKE 'CAUSE IT HAZ DANGER!" I especially appreciate the fact that they don't mention that she didn't wear a helmet on the 12th paragraph, because it doesn't place all the blame on her for the injuries.

Second, is biking on High Street after midnight on a Saturday dangerous? Well, the article does not indicate whether the victim was using lights. But even assuming that she used them, I would probably be more hesitant to bike on any main street near a major university campus on a Friday/Saturday night, although I would have still biked like the victim did. We don't know if the hit-and-run driver was intoxicated, but it would make sense.

Overall, it's good to be confident while biking but there is such a thing as being overly confident while biking. It's rare to get in a crash but it can happen. It's easy to forget that a crash with a car can be debilitating or even deadly. I'm glad that the victim survived and hopefully she can make a full recovery.

Somber ride-of-silence-song link of the day:
(The Columbus Ride of Silence is on May 16, 2012, at 7:00 PM at the Statehouse)

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