April 27, 2012

If I were overlord of cars

I want to give a brief overview of what restrictions would be placed on cars/trucks.

  1. Maximum car widths - Sometimes it seems like the larger trucks will have mirrors which sneak across into another lane. Roads seem to vary between 10' and 14'. Let's make lanes be 10' (11' lanes with buses) and adjust cars to 8' width including side mirrors.

  2. Maximum heights of headlights - I get it. You like being up high off the ground. But there's no reason that you have to blind me with the placement of your headlights. Let's make the tops of headlights be no higher than 3'.

  3. No tinting on car windows - File this under public safety. When coming to a stop or attempting to turn or looking at traffic ahead or behind you, your view can be blocked by tinted windows. The fact that you are driving on a public road means that safety should come over your need for privacy/coolness.

  4. Taxes based on vehicle miles traveled / weight of vehicle / congestion pricing - This is a very complicated requirement. Gas taxes are no longer sufficient to pay for our roads so it's time to look for a new way to pay for them. Hybrids no longer pay their fair share to pay for roads. Heavier vehicles wear down roads quicker. Driving in congestion is unproductive and discouraging congestion or promoting public transit are laudable goals. I'll let someone else develop a model to adequately fund transportation. Hell, as a biker I would even be willing to throw in some bills for biking transportation for miles biked.

  5. No more turn on red - This is more for pedestrian safety. I'd be open for ideas on how to implement this. Pedestrians could have "sneak peaks" and get the walk sign before the light turn green. Also, in areas where there are few sidewalks or pedestrians, this ban on red light turns could be lifted. I'm not a heartless tyrant.
There you have it.

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