April 24, 2012

Hipsters in Columbus

Yahoo has clearly never been to Columbus. In a recent article about which cities are the best for hipsters, Columbus did not appear on the list at all! Biking Columbus set out to determine our hipster street-cred by attending Root Down!, the Earth Day celebration event in Columbus.

The first thing that stuck out for it being hipsterish is this guy:

What are you looking at? A dog in a bag! Here, let me zoom in:

There's a person with a dog book bag with a stranger looking non-plussed behind him. Maybe the miniature pinscher just scolded him?

From there I went to one of the United Ministries of Hipsterdom, also known as a Liz Lessner restaurant. Please note that I mean this in playful jest as Tip Top, Dirty Frank's, Betty's, and Surly Girl are all fine establishments. And we all know that PBR tall boys and good, reasonably priced food attracts hipsters like no other. The restaurant we went to was the Dirty Frank's. Besides having a line of people waiting to be seated, I was also greeted by this fine bicycle:

The lowdown: "Ride or Die" sticker, equality sign, blue handle bars, likely a fixed gear bike as there is no rear brake, pedal straps, blue handle-bar tape, and a clip-on fender. Stylish, elegant, and hipster-like.

While inside I noticed a mystery. I don't know what the "kids" are doing these days, but apparently, Styrofoam cups are tasty:

Last but not least, while we were walking back to wait for the bus, I see none other than a miniature pincer with its owner lugging a fixed-gear bike:

Yahoo, Columbus deserves and honorable mention to the best cities for hipsters.

What people can do with fixed-geared bikes video of the day:

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  1. Dude in the video at 0:25 No free health care for you!


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