April 9, 2012

Guest Post - For the Love of Biking Part 2 – Getting to a Trail and Equipment

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post from my awesome girlfriend. Enjoy!]

So you have your trail picked out and you know where you want to bike, how do you get there?  If you’re lucky enough to live really close to a trail, I think you know what to do (hint - it involves biking).  If you don’t you need to transport your bike there. You can try using COTA to get you close and then bike to the park.  

Not all of us are comfortable biking on the street and that’s fine.  You can either get your bike into your car or use a bike rack.  I would love to have a bike rack, but for now I’ve been taking the wheels off my bike and squishing it into my tiny (Toyota Echo) car.  

You may want to consider purchasing a bike rack, especially if multiple bikes and people will be going.  There are two types of bike racks – ones that go on the roof and ones that go on the trunk/hitch/tail gate.  No matter what type of rack, they will only fit certain cars.  The trunk/tail gate racks have specific locations to attach all the straps and such to, so be sure to follow the instructions for your specific car.  When you go to the bike store to get a rack make sure to ask to see the manual to see if it will fit your vehicle.

Biking is for the whole family and I found two articles from one of my favorite blog empires about biking with little little kids – the first one is about picking out a seat for your toddler  and the second one is kind of a follow-up for when your child is slightly older

You’re almost ready to go once you figure out where and how you’re going to a trail.  Supplies you may want to consider taking:

-Helmet (I recommend this as a must even on a trail)
-Map to the park
-Cell phone
-Sun glasses
-Sun block
-First aid
-Snacks/Picnic lunch
-Bike lock

Bike lock?  Some of the parks have nature centers or other walking/nature preserve trails you may want to visit, but you will not be able to ride your bike to it.  The parks have bike racks so you can keep your bike safe without needing to put it back in your car.

Get out there and enjoy biking!

Video about fitting a bike helmet properly:

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