April 6, 2012

Ask a Biker #2

The craziest thing happened to me on my bike commute home on Wednesday. I saw another biker in the Hilltop and we talked for a bit. I never talk to other bikers because I'm a pretty big deal. I mean, I have a blog.

I passed him on the bike lane near the Hilltop-Scioto connector (sometimes referred to as Bridge to Nowhere) and he caught up to me at Steele and Hague. He asked me where I came from and I said McKinley Avenue. He sounded disappointed because he hoped that I came from the Hilltop-Scioto connector. He had attempted to go that way along the Olentangy Bike Trail but as you may know, they're not connected.

Well, after a long hiatus in the Ask a Biker series, it's time to ask, what's the best way to get from OSU to the Hilltop?

In two years, that'll be a simple answer because the Olentangy Bike Trail will connect to the Hilltop-Scioto Connector. In the meantime you'll have a few choices to get to and from Hilltop/OSU.

What's happening? Well, the Blue line is my preferred route. From OSU, it uses the Olentangy Bike Trail until 3rd Avenue. Then you would go down Grandview Avenue before getting on the Hilltop-Scioto Connector. That would shoot you out at the bike lanes on Harper Road. From there you get on Eureka which is signed as part of a bike route and you're home free.

The Green line is the first alternative. It uses the Olentangy Bike Trail until Souder. Then you get on McKinley Avenue which leads to Harper Road.

The Red line is the second alternative which avoids the hill on Grandview Avenue along with the traffic around Grandview & 33. Here you go take Ashland and weave over to Urlin which will more or less turn into Watermark Drive.

Finally, sometimes you want to avoid bike paths at night because they can be scary. The Pink lines are alternatives for that problem.

From Harper Road, you can look at my post on Ask Some Bikers which talks more about various routes in the Hilltop to get where you need to go.

Oh, and OSU biker if you happen to read this, you had a noisy drive train, lube would help and it looked like your tires may need to be inflated more. And you don't have to call me "sir" so much.

Cool scary-bike-lock-picking link of the day:


  1. This route is not bad (I tried it on your recommendation) but I made the mistake of turning left directly onto Grandview because I didn't know that the connector continued across the road. No sidewalks, no fun!

    1. I'm sorry to hear that my directions weren't up to snuff, but at least my route is "not bad." Hopefully if you try the route again it'll be easier but if you preferred whatever route you took before, please continue. If it's not broken don't fix it, right?

  2. Well the route I took before was loading my bike onto the back of my car and driving to Confluence park and heading north on Olentangy trail. lol It wasn't the fault of your directions, just me not paying attention to them very well. Either way, riding through campus on a beautiful spring day is one of my favorite after work activities. Lots of nice "scenery"! :-)

    1. I know what you mean about the Olentangy trail being a beaut. I hope that you're having a great commute no matter what route you're taking now. Hopefully the weather will warm up a little in the morning.


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