March 19, 2012

Pittsburgh trip and light blogging

Later this week I am going to visit Pittsburgh to see some sights. I will not be Biking Pittsburgh during the trip but it looks like they have a bike paths around the rivers there:

On the flip side, Pittsburgh has freeways which do split up downtown, just like Columbus:

The most important thing that we have in common with Pittsburgh is that Man Versus Food visited both cities:


  1. They have some interesting BRT (and LRT) lines in Pittsburgh that you should check out.

  2. I'm actually planning on taking the LRT in order to get to the steepest road in the U.S. which is Canton Avenue:

    I didn't realize they had BRT until you mentioned it. I'd feel transit-geeky enough for somewhat going out of my way to take the LRT. Going completely out of my way for BRT would be too much.

  3. I've been to the world's steepest street (so they say). It was Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand.,_Dunedin

    1. You had to one up me. I'll admit that Canton Avenue was street but I walked up it. I should've driven up it or tried to bike up it. I'm sure it would've been a trip.


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