March 21, 2012

Guest Post - Intro

[Editor's note: This is my lovely girlfriend doing a guest post.]

Hello! I’m Biking Columbus’s girlfriend.  You may recognize me from such posts as the one about helmets ("my girlfriend tells me I have a pretty head").

Biking Columbus said I could do some posts, so I thought I would introduce myself by posting about my biking crashes!  Thankfully, I haven’t had a crash in a while, and none of mine were serious and I left each crash with bruises, scrapes and a battered ego.  I'll just talk about 2 today:

My most notable crash was on Sullivant Road.  I was fairly new to biking and I didn’t feel comfortable biking on the road itself. But I was running a quick errand and it was a nice day. So I was biking on the sidewalk.  To make crossing Sullivant avenue easier for pedestrians, the city installed these buttons on posts to tell the crosswalk sign you want to cross:

They are the perfect height to get bike handle bars caught on.  Which I did.  This jerked my front wheel to the right and I went crashing into the utility pole with the Sullivant sign.  That hurt, a lot, I seriously thought I broke my arm because it hurt so much. I did not, and ice and washing my arm made it better.  I definitely learned not to bike on the sidewalk that day.


The other crash I had was when I got a flat tire on Broad street.  I was biking in the fairly new bike lanes on Broad street and on my way to OSU.  The bike lane had a lot of debris in it (gravel, glass shards, pieces of metal, you name it).  But I was biking at a good speed (going downhill) and feeling pretty good.  Well, there must have been something my tires didn't like.  All of a sudden my bike got really wobbly and I couldn't steer.  I attempted to slow down and get to the next ramp to get on the sidewalk, but I failed.  My bike and I dove into the ground.  Thankfully I did not end up sprawled out on Broad street and I wasn't too hurt, just bleeding a bit.  I ended up walking to a bus stop and getting on the bus.  The worst part about this experience is that I now worried a lot about whether or not I'm about to have a flat tire.


I don't want to scare anyone from biking, I've had many many many excellent biking experiences.  The good ones out-weigh the bad ones, but they don't make for good stories.  They would all go something like this: I biked to school (home, the store, etc) and I got to my destination without any problem.  I sweated a lot.  The end.  Biking is something I enjoy, the proof is that I keep doing it.   Unlike, Biking Columbus, I think I bike more for pleasure/exercise than for commuting and I'll post more about that later.

Cool video: Why is the water bill so high?

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  1. Thanks, I thought I was the only one to ever crash into one of those button things!


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