March 23, 2012

Eating Columbus

I'm about to leave for Pittsburgh and with any vacation, it always makes me think about what I would recommend people do in Columbus. In particular I wonder what I would recommend people eat.

Fast Food:
The First Wendy's*

Hounddogs Three Degrees Pizza

Hipster/Dive Bar (meant as a compliment):
Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

Fancy Pants:
Columbus Fish Market

Taco Trucks:
Any? Taco trucks are fun.

Whiskey Bars:
Barrel 44

Buckeye Donuts

Brew Pub:
Barley's Ale House #1

Maybe I'm missing some categories or should give some honorable mentions? It's hard because I would also suggest Tip Top / Hal and Al's / Surly Girl for standardish cuisine and we have tons of ethnic restaurants that I could suggest as well. Plus all of Cameron Mitchell's restaurants are pretty good.

Any thoughts?

Cool stop-motion-food-fight-which-represents-war-since-WWII link of the day:

*The first Wendy's opened ever was in downtown Columbus. It no longer exists.


  1. Best burger anywhere:
    Thurman Cafe

    Ice cream (obviously):

    1. I totally forgot about those! I meant to have an ice cream w/goat cheese category but what can you do.

      Great additions.


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