March 2, 2012

A difference between biking and driving

This is an obvious observation, but driving a car has a lot of advantages to riding a bike. Today I want to focus on two-wheels versus four-wheels.

A while back I posted about where to bike. A biker should be on the streets. But I never specified where on the streets. Ohio law requires a bicyclist to be as far right on the road as practical. In practice, I normally ride where the right wheel of the car would be on the road. This area normally doesn't have much debris which is good for biking.

So why bring up the wheels? With four wheels, you have so much stability. It's difficult, if not impossible to fall down due to imbalance. With a bicycle, debris can become a nuisance and it's possible to lose stability from riding on it. The same is true with potholes or an uneven holes.

I think that this basic idea, biking takes some balancing and road conditions matter, is easily lost when driving. This is an issue where a little outreach could go a long way. Drivers, bicyclists don't want to bike in debris and potholes but bicyclists do want cars to pass as soon as it's safe. Bicyclists, don't feel obligated to hug the curb.

Cool mono-wheel-vehicle link of the day:


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