March 7, 2012

Columbus History - 1971 Parking Lots

In what has been an ongoing series on the history of how downtown Columbus looks, I bring you this post about Columbus downtown parking lots in 1971. My original post about current downtown Columbus parking lots included the hypothesis that skyscrapers were the main cause of the gamut of parking lots. In a later post about Columbus skyscrapers, I discovered that only 4 skyscrapers were completed between 1957 and 1971, years which there are historic aerials of. So how have things changed?

In 1971, the innerbelt was complete and there was a surprisingly large amount of land changed around during this time. For example, there was a lot of redevelopment for parcels which previously had buildings on them. Unfortunately, the County Auditor doesn't have land transfer history available prior to the parcel division in the early 1970s. I assume that this is land acquired for the freeway but ultimately not used for whatever reason.

Without further ado, below is a map of how Columbus was in 1971. The yellow areas are of parking lots, the orange areas are of land acquisition for the freeway, and the red line is the scope of study.

Yellow = Parking lot, Orange = land use affected by highway
How does it look in comparison to the current day situation? Yellow areas are 1971 parking lots and blue areas are 2010 parking lots. Please note that parking garages are not incorporated in either.

Yellow area = 1971 Parking Lots, Blue area = 2010 Parking lots
I'll work on getting more information about the area of the parking lots, but it appears that there are more parking lots now and that parking lots have been redistributed towards the eastern and northern parts of downtown.

The last piece of information I will look at next week is parking lots in 1957 which is before the interstates were built.

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