March 14, 2012

Biking Columbus Pi Day

Today is pi day!

As anyone who is familiar with The Biking Columbus Theorem*, I am a bit of a geek. How can I use pi to help my geek causes?

Bicycles use something called wheels. Wheels should be circular and in order to calculate the speed that you are travelling, you need to use pi to calculate the circumference of the wheel. What?? Science. Math. Awesome.

In my high school precalculus class, we had to do a project for pi. My group did an ode to pi. So today's link of the day is very special.

Cool Biking-Columbus-sings-pi-song link of the day:

*PS:  A slight update to my original Biking Columbus Theorem post but equally as useless:
For any integer real number n, n^2 = 1 + (n+1)*(n-1)

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