March 30, 2012

Bikes in Columbus news

As many people in Columbus are aware, there was a terrible incident in downtown Columbus in which a deranged man is accused of stabbing 4 people. The man wandered into 150 E. Gay Street and suddenly stabbed 4 people. The building was evacuated and the stabber was shot by a police officer outside of the building.

Some interesting facts are that one of the men stabbed was a semi-professional wrestler who attempted to stop the deranged man. Also, everyone involved in the incident is still around to tell a tale.

Why am I bringing this up? First, it's a weird story. Secondly, in today's Dispatch, there's an update to the stabber story which includes this picture:

Biker's on-scene! Credit - Richard Burry

Cops on bikes came in to help out! You can see that the officer kneeling next to a man on the ground still has a bike helmet on. That's crazy! This picture shows how you don't need a car to come on-scene to help stab victims.
Cool super-cyclist video of the day:

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