March 12, 2012

Bike Shares 102 and the NHL

As some of you may be aware, Columbus was awarded the NHL All-Star Game in 2013. This is apparently a big deal because some people like hockey.

I was interested when a local bicycle advocacy group tweeted that Columbus should try to get a bicycle share program started by the all-star game. The game will be played on January 27, 2013. 

For those of you unfamiliar with bike share programs, operators normally dismantle the bike share stations around November/December due to cold weather considerations such as snow. In addition, the average January 27 temperature is freezing.

Why do bike share shut down in the winter? In my first post about bike shares, I glossed over the fact. The Minneapolis bike share season goes from April to November (8 months). Denver B-Cycle appears to be open March until December. Boston Hubway is only open for three seasons. Washington D.C.'s bike share does not shut down for an entire season according to Embarq. So how do our winter climates compare (using Wiki)?

Avg Snowfall (inches) Dec. Through Feb.
Temp F
Washington D.C.

Columbus has an average amount of snowfall and an average average temperature. However, since our average winter temperature is below freezing, I believe that Columbus would have the same winter restrictions as our northern brethren.

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  1. I've never been to Columbus, but if Boston can handle a bike share, I'm pretty sure it can work anywhere. I'm not really sure why they shut down for the winter either - especially this winter, we hardly had any snow at all, and people could have easily used the bikes most days.
    I really enjoyed it in the summer, for running errands during the day, and when they shut down, I actually got a folding bike that I keep under my desk so that I can still have a bike during the day, even in the winter (I can't ride to work, so having access to a bike from work is key).
    Hope it works out for you in Columbus, and enjoy the all star game!


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