March 22, 2012

Bike Pittsburgh

My friend at work gave me a biking map of Pittsburgh and I really like it. The biking map that Columbus is veryuseful in a utilitarian way but it doesn't include a lot about what to do in Columbus and it doesn't have much personality.

Here's a snapshot from the Columbus Metro Bike Users Map:

Here's a snapshot from the Pittsburgh Bike Map [Edit 3/26/12: done by the Pittsburgh advocacy group Bike Pittsburgh]:

Obviously this isn't completely apples to apples. The Pittsburgh map covers a much smaller area than the Columbus Metro map. So maybe the tourist information wouldn't be able to fit that well for Columbus Metro, but putting trail entrances/what not is a great idea. I know that there's a new 2012 version of the map coming out so maybe that will be a minor tweak. 

But I will say the colors of the Columbus map are much more intuitive. Green = Go. Yellow = Caution. Red = Buyer Beware. 

Cool Legos-singing-a-beer-song link of the day:


  1. Thanks for the compliments! Just a quick FYI. We didn't go with Green or Red for street colors due to how common red-green color blindness is (we actually used green in the first edition, but got complaints from people that they couldn't distinguish the color). We also didn't want to scare anyone since red conjures images of immanent thread, danger (among other things). Also, Pittsburgh's colors are black and gold, so we wanted to pay homage to that in our map hence the color black for the recommended routes. We tried experimenting with blue for the recommended routes in the past, but they looked too much like waterways.

    Executive Director
    Bike Pittsburgh

    1. Thanks for the info, Scott! That makes complete sense about why you chose the colors you did. Contrary to my post, now that you mention avoiding red to prevent scaring people I agree with that idea.

      Again, great map and thanks for the insight.


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