March 16, 2012

Bike Lanes - Good or Bad?

President Obama's position on gay marriage is "evolving." While Biking Columbus is fully in support of gay marriage, my position on bike lanes is evolving.

In the bygone days of this blog when I used to smile at butterflies, I was more anti-bike lane than pro-bike lane. Bike Snob NYC, a sardonic, New York City based biker/blogger, has really ripped into the vehicular cyclists line of thought:
"Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon, but there's one thing that would have made it even lovelier.  See, where I enter the park there's a big traffic circle that is a vortex of motor vehicles coming to and from the nearby expressway.  It's a lot like watching rusty diarrhea water go down the drain of a clawfoot tub, only it's accompanied by constant honking.  Until a few years ago, you used to have to join this deadly clusterfuck if you wanted to enter the park on your bike, but now there's a neat little network of bike lanes that allows you to skirt all the car traffic entirely.  Foolishly I thought the new bike lanes were great, and every few weeks or so when I saw yet another car crash in the traffic circle I'd be thankful that I no longer had to fight through that on a bike.  However, after listening to the "vehicular cycling" advocates I realize I'd actually be a lot better off if they'd remove the bike lanes so my kid and I could just "take the lane" with all those rage-addled drivers in the throes of rush hour.  As for their alarming propensity for driving into one another, I'm sure it's nothing a wrist mirror couldn't fix."
Bike Snob NYC is a former messenger so I figured he would more or less be in full support of vehicular cycling. Instead, he considers vehicular cyclists as asshats.

I don't need bike lanes but I'll use them where convenient. I also don't want to go out of my way to support a bike lane when there are different types of bicycle infrastructure which interests me more.

And with that, I hope that people who are very pro-bike lanes will remember that vehicular cyclists are bicyclists too and are likely a significant portion of the biking world. Can't we all get a long?

In other news, this is my 100th post! Hurrah!

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