March 15, 2012

Bike Advocacy

Columbus has 2 major bicycle advocacy groups, Consider Biking and Yay Bikes!* Both groups promote bicycling but they do so in their own way.

Consider Biking has a flare for bicycling infrastructure (bike lanes/paths/etc.) such as Connect the Core (installation of 12 miles of bike lanes downtown) but they also have some riding activities which they lead the charge. Some of these are 2 by 2012 (a program to get everyone bike to work twice per month by 2012), Ride of Silence (an annual ride in memorial of those who have fallen), Bike Columbus (a ride around Columbus), among other events.

Yay Bikes! has a flare for bike culture and organizes rides to get people biking. They have monthly rides which go to various eateries/establishments. They have also started How We Roll (a program initially aimed at OSU students which took students on a bike ride on the streets), Bike to Work Challenge (groups log rides for bragging rights), and are in a collaboration with University Enrichment Association to do Pedal Instead (bike parking at certain events like Comfest or OSU games).

Both groups also do educational outreach/training where they might go to a business to teach the ABCs about bike maintenance/biking/etc. Overall they have a goal of getting people bicycling but they have different methods of doing so. There's nothing wrong with that.

So one thing that a person can do to promote cycling advocacy is to join either one of these groups. An annual membership to Consider Biking is $30 and to Yay Bikes! is $25.

Another thing a person can do to promote cycling is to bike. Because I am a big fan of King James, I'll phrase my rant as such: Bicycling begets bicycling. And more bicycling begets more bicycling and after bicycling has been begot to critical masses, and Moses will free the Israelites.

But seriously, the more people biking out there, the more safe it is for everyone.

Cool cat-organ-link of the day:

*Full disclosure - I am a member of Yay Bikes!

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