February 1, 2012

What's up with a bike blog talking about buses and highways?

This blog started with a simple purpose: to talk about how awesome I was at biking and life. However, it turns out that I only have so much shit to say about biking. This issue was compounded by the fact that I haven't biked regularly since the end of November. 

But there's something more than that. Is it possible to bike when there's snow on the roads? Yes.

File:5th Av 53 snowbiking jeh.jpg
Source: Wikipedia
Is it possible to bike when it's raining like crazy? Yes.

Can I bike miles upon miles? Sure, but there's not a great picture to show it.

Although all of these are extremes which Google conjured, I'm not interested in biking in any kind of heavy snow/rain conditions. I can buy studded tires for my bicycle to go out in icy/snowy conditions, but cars still have difficulty stopping. The benefits, a miserable, cold bike ride, don't outweigh the perceived/real risks. 

For rainy days, I have a complete set of rain gear. Rain pants, rain booties, rain gloves, and a rain jacket, it works to an extent but 6 miles is a long commute. I still get wet and even worse, my face gets wet. I hate when my face gets wet. The benefits, a miserable, wet bike ride, don't outweigh having a wet face. 

And for long commutes, I feel like 6 miles one-way is long enough. I feel like most of my commutes should be no longer than 30 minutes, and 6 miles is towards the high end of that range. 

The point is that sometimes biking doesn't cut it. A bike ride can be lots of fun but it can also be miserable. Sometimes you need an alternate transportation mode which makes complete streets and complete transit options very important. Sometimes you need a long range (car, bus, train), mid range (car, bus, bike), or short range (bus, bike, pedestrian) options.

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