February 2, 2012

Spring Beckons

Winter Winding Down
The weather the past few days has been nothing short of amazing and that means that my love affair with public transit is coming to the end. All hail bikes!

As regular readers are certainly aware, I really like riding the bus, but I like biking even more. Mainly I love having no time constraints. If I want to leave at 5:43 PM, that's when I'll leave. I do not have to wait until the next bus comes at 6:00 PM.

Here's my last edition of COTA stories for the season:

  1. While waiting on the bus after leaving work, there's this weird drumming sound which is apparently coming from #OccupyColumbus. Then this guy comes by and leers at me for a few seconds before asking me if I've seen Mission Impossible. I hesitated before replying that I had seen it. He just kind of nods and walks to another guy and asks the same question. The new person had seen it and for whatever reason, they had a lively conversation about Mission Impossible.

  2. I saw my bus take off before I could get to the stop. My only hope is to get to the stop by COSI. I run my little heart out but I peter out around the Main St. bridge. I keep trying to motivate myself to keep moving but I'm SOL. Shortly after I see the #3 pass me on the bridge. I have to wait about 20 minutes until the next #6 comes by. At this point I realize I need to get into shape.

  3. I am on the bus and a woman behind me occasionally hums to her tunes. All of a sudden I hear her say, "People are so fucking rude." What?! I keep looking forward because it'd be rude of me to look at her after that. Later, the bus is packed and people are trying to get out and I hear the same woman say, "People are fucking stupid. They just need to say 'Excuse me, I'm leaving.' It's stupid." 
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