February 3, 2012

A small park

I really like using Google Maps because it shows land parcels which helps to show contiguous land property. One day while enjoying my free time I see the following park:

Overview of Stephen Drive Park
Green line = entrance, red line = inaccessible entrance
This is a really small park, people. It is only 0.90 acres. For reference, Goodale is 32.71 acres, Schiller is 23.45 acres, and Westgate is 46.30 acres. Even Rhode Island (776,960 acres) is bigger than Stephen Drive Park. 

How did this park come to be? I don't know. It appears that the developer of the area at the time, Elaine Development Co., sold the land in 1973 which was then given (bought?) by the City of Columbus for $840. Regardless, I had to investigate.

The entrance to the south from Michael Ct. was completely fenced in. WTF? Thankfully the entrance from W. Stephen Drive allowed me to enjoy the park.

To be honest, it wasn't terrible. If I lived around the park I would love it. Otherwise, it's kind of hard to get to and there's not a lot to do. But I think that this is the type of park we should start to work towards. Now that I live in a house, there's lawn that must be mowed. Do I care about my lawn? Of course not, it's grass! But I do like the idea of a place to chill outside and that would be the lawn.

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