February 6, 2012

See you when I get there - Calm Down

One well known secret about biking is that it takes a longer time to bike than to take a car in the vast majority of routes. In my second post, I discussed how my 6 miles commute to work takes 20 minutes driving and about 35 minutes biking. That's a significant premium but the workout I get and the low cost of biking outweigh the time difference.

More to the point, biking is a different beast than driving. First, cars simply drive faster. Second, it's easy as a motorist to have the mentality that I can get there on time if I just go faster and all it takes is a lead foot. There are not significant gains made by speeding, but speeding does give some peace of mind because you are trying.

For bicycling, you really need to be of the mindset that you'll get there when you get there. Crashes happen and biking for speed dims awareness for traffic, at least for me. And if you stop at red lights (you should be!), the average speed is what matters and the stops will take back a lot of gains made by going faster.

I have no real awareness of time during my rides but I do know that I slowly but surely get to my destination, and that's all I really need. If I'm late, then I should have left earlier and that's a good mentality no matter what mode of transportation you are using.

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